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Anthony Robbins Asking Right Questions

I have just been listening to some Anthony Robbins talks. It was a really good topic about asking the right questions. He explains how our brains are like computers when it comes to answering our questions. If you ask the brain a negative question like ‘why does this always happen to me?’ It will seek…

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The Journey is the Destination!

I’m so excited because I have finally discovered that the Journey is the Destination! I heard this on one of the Abraham Hicks videos. Finally I realize how true this statement really is! As human beings we always seem to be looking into the future for what we want, what we haven’t got or looking…

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WordPress a Great Tool for Reflection and Observation

When I look over the dates of my previous blogs, I notice that I am writing about once a month. I always feel like I am neglecting WordPress, when Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc are so instantaneous. But what I find interesting is that every-time I write a post on WordPress I feel so much better!…

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