Two Areas of Life that are Often Overlooked.

I was listening to an Eckhart Tolle recording recently and he was talking about two areas of life that are important to humans and that are often overlooked. 

They are creativity and stillness. 

In our busy lives of working and living, these are two areas that we don’t do enough of.

As human beings, it’s important to bring these two activities into our daily lives. You will feel much better if you do. 

In terms of creativity, what things do you like to create? Art, music, writing, designing, building? If there isn’t anything like that in your life right now, then I urge you to find something you love.

Creativity helps push us forward as a human race. It allows us to use our imagination to come up with new ideas, concepts. It’s an important part of our being. 

As kids, we did a lot of creative things. But as adults – we often forget to include this in our life. 

The same goes for stillness.

We all need quiet time to rest and recharge our batteries. It allows new ideas to come in when we are still and calm. It helps us solve problems in our lives. It connects us to our Source.  Every night we go to sleep we are still. But its also good to bring this stillness into our daily activities.

We can do this through meditation, focusing on our breathing, focusing on our body. Walking in nature. Being near the water. Focusing on the now. Being present. 

So give both of these things a go and see how it helps to improve your overall wellbeing. 😊💕

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