Trust Your Intuitive Guidance

We all have an internal compass (our intuition) that guides us where we need to go.   

But often in life, we get distracted by external factors (usually negative in nature) that stop us from going in the direction we want to.

If you feel that’s where you are at the moment, take some quiet time to stop and listen to your intuition. 

If you’re not sure how to do that, just know your intuition is the quiet loving voice/ information you receive that says you’re doing okay and everything will work out fine. 

Your intuition will always be positive in nature, never negative. 

It’s like your internal cheerleader saying you’ve got this!

Here are a few ways to help you tap into your intuition. 

  • Spend time in nature.
  • Do something creative.
  • Meditate (it can be as simple as focusing on your breathing – it will help to quiet the mind).
  • Journal.
  • Do something that makes you feel good! 
  • Do something that relaxes you. You are most likely to tap into your intuition when you are relaxed and feeling happy.
  • Have a relaxing bath or shower. 
  • Do yoga
  • Take a nap. Sometimes when you wake up the answer will be revealed to you. 

Trust you’ll get the answers you need.

You’re probably saying to yourself. I know all this! 

But it’s good to be reminded from time to time.

Love Dimitie xx

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