“I recently had the pleasure of enjoying an informative, and totally fun-filled styling session with the lovely Dimitie. I’ve always dreamt of having a personalised fashion consult, but was apprehensive that the experience might prove to be a bit confronting. Well, I needn’t have worried, as Dimitie immediately put my mind at rest, was so encouraging and I felt totally comfortable asking her advice. Dimitie had sent me a pre-consult survey to complete, to help determine my shape, lifestyle and fashion preferences. This saved a lot of time for our actual one-on-one time together. It was now time to open my wardrobe! I was overjoyed to see that Dimitie was quite complimentary about the majority of my clothes, and even more excited when she helped select certain items to match together (ones I hadn’t even considered). Dimitie has a definite eye for fashion and I loved all of her suggestions. She was professional, friendly and extremely helpful. My styling session with Dimitie far exceeded my expectations, and, with a new found confidence, and more money in my pocket, I’m am totally thrilled with everything that I’ve learnt. I highly recommend Dimitie to anyone wanting to have a personalised styling session, its well worth the investment!”

Jacqui John @brissiebites

“Thank you Dimitie for the tools and knowledge I now have to use on my colourful journey in life. After being told I was an autumn season after having a colour analysis done by another colour consultant , I purchased clothes in my autumn season, however I never felt radiant. I wasn’t convinced that this was my colouring.  Dimitie did not know what season I had been told I was. I needed clarification from Dimitie and very early on as she was using her drapes, I could see what made my eyes sparkle and what made me look dull. It all made sense to me as she draped me with each colour. Dimitie showed me some colour combinations that I could put together with my clothing and also helped me select the correct foundation, cheek and lip colours for me. The warmth and intensity of my true season makes so much sense with my entire being.  I am fully embracing my Spring analysis and can feel myself transforming radiantly, inside and out. I am blown away at the difference the right colour choices make in my appearance. I really enjoy getting dressed in the morning and feel confident walking out the door. Dimitie was truly delightful, welcoming me with a hot or cold drink on arrival and making me feel very much at ease in a very relaxing environment. Thank you Dimitie for giving me the confidence to wear bright colours”

Melissa Fear @melissa_fear