Your Body Shape

Have you ever tried on clothing and it doesn’t fit properly? Most of us think the problem is due to our bodies. But that is not correct! The truth is, most clothing these days is designed for only one or two body shapes. It’s like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. So we will determine your correct body shape. Once you know your body shape, trying on clothing will be a breeze!   

Your Style Personality                         

With so many different clothing styles out there, it’s hard to determine your unique style. Each of us has a dominant style we like to wear. We will uncover what your true style personality is. 



Colour is so important in our lives, especially the colours we wear close to our faces and on our bodies. Wearing the right colours for our skin tone can make all the difference to our appearance and our mood. 

In this session, we will assess what your seasonal colour palette is: Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter. We do this by draping different colours of fabric on you. This analysis shows us what colours suit you best. 

Once you know your best colours, shopping for the right coloured clothing will be so much fun!



Does this sound familiar? You have a wardrobe full of clothes, but only wear 20% of them. Don’t worry you are not alone!

With a wardrobe edit you will get the following: 

  • A quick colour and body shape analysis (if not already done).
  • Sort through your wardrobe with what to keep/donate/sell.
  • Create different outfit combinations to wear.
  • A shopping list of clothing items to complete your wardrobe.



Before our shopping trip I will discuss with you what brands you like to buy, then source clothing to suit your personal style, body shape, colouring. This will make it easier for finding and trying on clothing on the day. 

Please note you are under no obligation to buy anything. We can always use the trip as research if you wish to take your time deciding on what to buy.



  • Colour Analysis, including mini style analysis – $220
  • Personal Shopping Session, including a mini colour and style analysis  – $330
  • Wardrobe Edit, including colour and style analysis – $440
  • Complete Wardrobe Makeover including, Colour and Style Analysis, Wardrobe Edit and Shopping Trip – $997

NB: All Services can be conducted online as well.


Style Talks 

I am available to do style talks in person or online. I am happy to discuss your requirements with you. 

For further information or to book any sessions with me, please contact me via any of the following ways.


Instagram @dimitiek

I look forward to connecting with you!!