Mys Tyler Stylists in Residence

I have been lucky enough to be working on a project with Mys Tyler, a new fashion app that matches your body shape and size with women of similar shape and size.

This is what the app pages look like and it seemed fitting to post a screenshot of Sarah Neill’s account, the Founder of Mys Tyler.

It’s a bit like showing your outfit of the day on Instagram, but the difference is, women of a similar body type are matched to yours. So if you are doing some online shopping, you can check out the women in your Mys Tyler feed for a similar size in clothing and there are links to the brand sites. It’s a game-changer in my opinion.

So as part of the promotion of Mys Tyler, they have launched a Stylists in Residence space at Toombul Shopping Centre in Brisbane, Australia. It’s running for 5 weeks until the 24th of November. Stylists, like myself, are on hand to help you with your styling needs and are also running workshops.

It’s great fun and I’ve met a lot of other stylists who are contributors to the Mys Tyler app like me.

So do check out the Mys Tyler Instagram account for all the information about the app and the Stylists in Residence project.

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