How to Find Your Personal Style and Ditch the Fashion Trends

It’s that trans-seasonal time of the year when the Northern Hemisphere is going into Spring and the Southern Hemisphere into Autumn.

All the big fashion magazines have features on the trends for those seasons. Which is fine, but how do you take those trends and make them your own?

That’s where knowing your own personal style really helps. What do I mean by personal style?

  • You know what your style personality is.
  • You know how to dress for your body shape.
  • You know the colours that suit your skin tone the best.

When you know these three areas of your personal style, it makes it so much easier to choose clothing that is not based on fashion trends. You don’t become a victim of fashion. You embrace the trends, but you make them your own. We are all unique and that’s how fashion should be used, by creating our own unique style.

Here’s a quick overview of what those three areas mean.

The 6 Style Personalities


Your Body Shape

There are 5 different body shapes. If you would like to know what yours is, fill in the body shape calculator on the Home page and download the Free Body Shape Guide. Knowing your body shape makes a huge difference to the styles of clothing you buy!

The Colours that Suit Your Skin Tone

There are two skin tones that everyone falls into

Warm and Cool.

Within those two categories, you have 4 seasonal colour palettes, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter that follow the colours of each season.

If you would like to know what your seasonal colour palette is, book in for a colour analysis with me:

I hope this summary of information has helped you to understand your own personal style.

If you have any further questions, please contact me. I looking forward to helping you.

Dimitie xx



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