How to Become a Master at Decluttering

I have been in decluttering mode!

My husband and I are downsizing.

We’ve had to go through 23 years of stuff! Not an enviable task, but necessary.

Lots of questions to ask. Do we keep this? Do we sell? Do we throw it out?

Some things were easy decisions, others much harder, like our children’s things. Now they are adults, do we really need to keep their toys? Maybe if they have grandchildren?

Lots of emotions and tears as you can imagine.

I’ve become a master declutterer over the years. The task always seemed to fall to me. Maybe from having to constantly declutter the children’s things over the years? Maybe because I have a knack for it? Maybe because I love Marie Kondo and have implemented some of her ideas? Maybe because I loved watching shows like “Clean House,” and “Queer Eye for a Straight Guy”?

Someone once told me when you declutter, it clears your mind, clears the energy in your home, and can even bring in more financial abundance!

I can definitely vouch for all of those benefits.

The other thing I know for sure is, decluttering your whole house, makes clearing out your wardrobe a breeze!!

Here are some of my other tips for becoming a Master at Decluttering.

  • If you have the time – do it bit by bit. If you are trying to declutter your whole home at once, it can be overwhelming. So break it down into smaller tasks. Focus on one room at a time and complete that room before moving on.
  • Create three sorting piles:
    • Keep
    • Donate/sell – this is a great way to allow others to benefit from the items you no longer need and can also help you earn a bit of extra cash if you decide to sell.
    • Throw away – try to minimize the number of things you send to the landfill. There are many ways to recycle now which really helps.
  • As you sort through items, try to be honest about what you truly need and love. Use Marie Kondo’s question “Does it Bring You Joy?” Let go of anything that is no longer useful or meaningful to you.
  • Sort your items into categories like clothing, books, kitchen items, etc. This helps you to see exactly what you have and can help you with the decision-making process.
  • If you find the whole process overwhelming, seek help and support from a friend or professional organizer.

What are your thoughts on decluttering? Do you love or hate doing it? How do you feel after you’ve done it? I’d love to know.

Dimitie xx

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