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The Journey is the Destination!

I’m so excited because I have finally discovered that the Journey is the Destination! I heard this on one of the Abraham Hicks videos. Finally I realize how true this statement really is! As human beings we always seem to be looking into the future for what we want, what we haven’t got or looking…

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WordPress a Great Tool for Reflection and Observation

When I look over the dates of my previous blogs, I notice that I am writing about once a month. I always feel like I am neglecting WordPress, when Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc are so instantaneous. But what I find interesting is that every-time I write a post on WordPress I feel so much better!…

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Focusing on the Negative

A few mornings ago I was focusing on the negative problems in my life. Quite the opposite of what you are meant to be doing regarding the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction says that if you focus on the negative problem, it will create more of that problem. The key is be aware…

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