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Be Kind To Yourself Experiment – Day 14

Mmm very interesting what happened yesterday. After I explained in my blog yesterday about being in the present moment and just enjoying that, I did the complete opposite! I was locked in a full day of negative thinking and not being present! I find that when I go into that mode, there is some sort…

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Be Kind to Yourself Experiment – Day 12

Yesterday, everyone was a bit tired, cranky and jet lagged. Even though it’s only a two hours time difference between Singapore and Queensland, it still seems to affect us. I’m not sure whether it’s our brains think, it’s only two hours, so I shouldn’t be jet lagged (but your body still feels it) or whether you just…

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Be Kind To Yourself Experiment – Day 2

Today has been a busy day and I haven’t had time to write this post until now. I spent most of the morning loading software onto everyone’s pc/macs at home. When you become a mum, not only do you have to do the normal stuff for yourself, but also for your kids and husband! So…

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