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Abraham, The Law of Attraction and Resistance

It’s funny how synchronicity works! I recently picked up my old copy of ‘Ask and it is Given’, by Esther and Jerry Hicks. For anyone who doesn’t know this book, it is about the Law of Attraction and is the channelled information of Abraham. When I first bought this book many years ago, I couldn’t…

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Why Do We Choose the Negative over the Positive?

I observed an interesting thing happen yesterday. It was morning and I had just come back from dropping the kids off at school. I was feeling good! I had a lot of good things planned for the day. I was eating breakfast when my husband came down to the kitchen. He was ready for work.…

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21 December 2012 is the Beginning, Not the end!

A wonderful, talented, healing friend of mine Colleen Clark, posted a great website about the true meaning of 2012. The website is www.13moon.com Please take a look. It’s written by Eden Sky. Once you enter the website, click on the 2012 Prophecy link. The site is beautifully written. It explains, that on 21 December 2012 we…

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