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Be Kind to Yourself Experiment – Day 13

Yesterday was another relaxing day (well it usually is on holidays). I was trying to think of the Be Kind to Myself moments and two came to mind. The first one was going for a walk with my daughter up to the local shops. It is a lovely walk, only about 10 mins, but it’s near…

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Be Kind To Yourself Experiement – Day 10 and 11

I am doing two posts in one, as I am falling behind on my posts, so want to catch up! Yesterday and today have been quite restful days. We spent yesterday just hanging out at my mother’s place, eating and talking. To get the kids out in the fresh, open air (after being cooped up on…

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Be Kind To Yourself Experiment – Day 5

It’s been another busy day and I’ve only just now had time to write this post. (mmm feels like groundhog day). Most of the day has been spent looking after the kids and their friends. It’s also been raining most of the day, so lots of fun having two boys (my son and his friend) running…

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