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Be Kind to Yourself Experiment – Day 19

I’ve decided to write another post today as I discovered something amazing that I wanted to write down before I forget. Today I discovered that I am a Master of Manifesting… but of the negative! To the outside world and anyone who meets me they would say that I’m really positive and to a certain…

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Be Kind To Yourself Experiment – Day 17

Yesterday was spent travelling all day. We usually pack up the house in the morning and catch the afternoon flight from Brisbane to Singapore. We know the flight very well as we have been catching it since the kids were babies. I always have such mixed emotions leaving Australia to go back to Singapore. I…

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Be Kind To Yourself Experiment – Day 14

Mmm very interesting what happened yesterday. After I explained in my blog yesterday about being in the present moment and just enjoying that, I did the complete opposite! I was locked in a full day of negative thinking and not being present! I find that when I go into that mode, there is some sort…

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