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Be Kind To Yourself Experiment – Day 18

Wow yesterday was an amazing day! Not only because I was jet lagged, but it was also Halloween! Halloween is such an interesting activity. I think it’s one of those pagan type things that has been carried over for centuries in various forms and it’s funny that we still do it? There are not many…

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Be Kind To Yourself Experiment – Day 17

Yesterday was spent travelling all day. We usually pack up the house in the morning and catch the afternoon flight from Brisbane to Singapore. We know the flight very well as we have been catching it since the kids were babies. I always have such mixed emotions leaving Australia to go back to Singapore. I…

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Be Kind to Yourself Experiment – Day 13

Yesterday was another¬†relaxing day (well it usually is on holidays). I was trying to think of the Be Kind to Myself moments and two came to mind. The first one was going for a walk with my daughter up to the local shops. It is a lovely walk, only about 10 mins, but it’s near…

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