RIP Steve Jobs

So sad to hear this news today! I have been feeling sad for a a few days for no real expected reason. Now I know why. I’ve just finished watching the Stanford video of Steve Jobs. What an amazing and inspirational man? Not only a person of great vision, but also of great wisdom. Through…

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What is Love?

So you are probably wondering Who Am I to make such bold statements like I did in my previous post? Well you can read about me in the About page. I decided to start this blog to put down all my observations and thoughts about Life in general. I’m one of those people who love…

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Awake or Awakening?

Do you know where you are Headed? Do you sometimes stop mid tracks in what you are doing and ask yourself, ‘What am I doing Here?’ Do you ever have the feeling that you are more than just your physical dody? Do you know what your Life’s Purpose is? Do you wonder why you are…

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