Meet Dimitie

Have you ever been told your were too sensitive?

Have you ever walked into a room and felt instantly sad or happy and not known why?

Have you ever heard that little voice inside your head telling you were good enough but you kept ignoring it?

Have you ever had information come to you that you really didn’t understand where it came from?

Have you ever had deja vu feelings or visions about the future that later came true?

Have you ever been thinking about someone you knew and then five minutes later they rung you?

Have you ever been able to pick up an object and know information about it or it’s owner?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s because you were listening to your Intuition! But I bet no one ever told you that’s what it was when you were growing up?

That’s because most of us are not taught to listen to our intuition when we are young.

No one tells us that what we are thinking and feeling about things, unusual things, strange things could be valid guidance for us.

How do I know this?

Well for most of my life I didn’t know that all of these qualities I had were really my intuitive guidance. No one told me that’s what it was and it’s not to lay blame on anyone. It was just never something that was talked about. Only because it was never something that people really understood. So for a long time I thought I was weird, different and pretty much kept to myself a lot. I didn’t realise that I could hear, see, feel, sense things that were outside the realm of the normal.

That all changed in my early 20s when I was living in London. I was feeling pretty down and homesick and it was on a trip back home that I came across a book that was to change me life! The book was ‘You can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay. That one book started me on a journey to getting back in touch with my intuition. It taught me to listen to my inner voice and that from doing that I could change my reality. Once I started listening to my intuition my life started to improve in the way of relationships, money and a great place to live.

But like everything, when you get busy, you forget to tap into your own intuition and I guess I didn’t think I had to as I was very happy getting married, moving back to Australia and having our first child.

Then when my husband, myself and our daughter moved to Singapore, my intuition started to kick in again. Suffering from post natal depression with our then 2 month old baby, in a foreign country with no family or friends for support and a husband away travelling, I started to seek out alternative ways to combat the depression and loneliness. So I took up yoga. It was my yoga teacher that said I would be good at Reiki. I had seen people practise Reiki in London, but at the time I thought it was quite strange. Well learning Reiki was like coming home for me. The feelings of peace and contentment were wonderful and it’s when I began to discover my real intuitive abilities. I would put my hands on people and just know what was wrong with them. I would say things like ‘is something wrong with your kidneys?’ to the person I was working on and they would say ‘Yes! How did you know that?!”

But after another bout of post natal depression after our second child was born, I set out to find a deeper reason as to why I kept slipping back into unhappiness.

Then on another trip home to Australia , I came across another book (I love to hang out in metaphysical bookstores! :-))- called ‘The Lightworkers Way’ – by Doreen Virtue. Again I couldn’t put the book down! After reading the book I enrolled in her Angel Intuitive 3 day workshop. That workshop was the turning point to me honing my intuitive abilities. I learnt I could read Angel Cards, giving people the messages that they needed to help them on their journey, I learnt to read people’s Auras and discovered the 7 Intuitive senses – five of which I have – Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairecognizance, Clairtangence and Clairvoyance.

I continued further on my quest to become more intuitive, so I enrolled in courses on energy and belief work – learning how to intuitively read a person’s physical body and emotional well being.

After completing all of that training, I started up my own practice helping people with their health, relationship, or career problems but my intuition told me I wasn’t finished with my training. So I took up traditional coaching. The coaching helped me learn how to ask people questions which could unlock their deepest issues and allowed them to release and move into a happier place.

After working one on one with people for many years, the next part of my intuitive guidance told me that I had to learn how to master the online social media world, as I would be helping many people with what I had learnt.

So finally I am here! and as your Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Guide, I can help you discover (or rediscover) your own inner guidance. When you do, Wow, watch out! – Your life is going to change – for the better!! You wont feel stuck anymore and you will start to live the life you truly want to live! – one that is full of health, wealth and happiness!

I can’t wait to start helping you!!

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 Love Dimitie xx





My Training:

The Traditional Training: I have lived and worked in London, Melbourne and Singapore. I have a Degree in Communications, a Diploma in Training & Development and a Certificate in Coaching.

The Intuitive Training: I have studied and practiced, Reiki, Yoga, Angel Therapy work, Energy and Belief work and the Law of Attraction.

I am married, with two children aged 14 and 12.