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IMG_9572Dimitie is an Intuitive Guidance Mentor, helping you to embrace your Intuitive Gifts.

She absolutely loves and has studied and used many of the metaphysical practices with her clients including: Reiki, Yoga, Angel Therapy work, Energy and Belief work and the Law of Attraction.

Dimitie has travelled extensively, having lived and worked in London, Melbourne and Singapore. She is very comfortable working with people from different countries and backgrounds and nothing brings her more joy than to help them live a rich, abundant existence.

Her formal training includes: a Degree in Communications, a Diploma in Training and Development and a Certificate in Coaching.

Dimitie is married, with two children aged 16 and 13.



Nicole Underwood

Dimitie is awesome, really. I can't say enough about how well and on point my reading was, tailored to my needs and questions. Previously I have been to Angel Card Readers/ mediums with varying degrees of satisfaction, but this was spot on, very friendly and relaxed Skype reading. I would highly recommend Dimitie. Thank you for this great service and I will be in touch for regular readings.

Nicole Underwood
Vanessa OBriain

Dimitie just gave me a reading and it was a past, present and future reading in regards to something I have been working on called the Summerlands project. I had no idea what to expect with this reading and went in with a totally open mind and heart and to know what steps to take for my project. The reading was very insightful. The past was very much on par. You get what you need to from a reading and she allowed that. The present part - I had tears cause it was... WOW... so right on the ball! The future was very interesting on how to approach my future. I knew what to do but it gave me the clarity about what to do and why. I would highly recommend a reading with Dimitie!

Vanessa OBriain

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