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James (Jim) Lionel Harris 1939-2012 (My Amazing Father-in-Law)

My Father-In-Law passed away on the 9th of June and we are all grieving the loss of his physical presence. He was an amazing man! He was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy in 1972 and it may be possible that he was the longest surviving person of this condition. He was 73. He was an incredibly…

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How Do You Measure Your Self Worth?

How do you measure your self worth? Is it from feedback from others? It is your own internal feedback? If you are getting that feedback from others or yourself how does it appear? In a negative or positive way? I have been observing this lately in others and I’ve noticed that many of us measure…

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Oprah, You Are a Gift To All of Us!

A friend of mine sent me a link to the latest Oprah Life Classes that she is running. I cannot rave enough about them!! It is so wonderful to see a high profile person in the media bringing such Positive messages to the World. I think Oprah is amazing and I truly believe she is…

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