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Love Yourself – It’s the Key to a Good Life!

Love Yourself – It’s the Key to a Good Life! But it is not easy to do. We are bombarded with so many messages about not loving ourselves, that when we do begin to learn to love ourselves, it can be a bit overwhelming. So what do I mean love yourself? It means the following:…

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Anthony Robbins Asking Right Questions

I have just been listening to some Anthony Robbins talks. It was a really good topic about asking the right questions. He explains how our brains are like computers when it comes to answering our questions. If you ask the brain a negative question like ‘why does this always happen to me?’ It will seek…

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Enjoy Your Life!

 Enjoy Your Life! I went to see Abraham Hicks in Melbourne, Australia, which was absolutely fantastic! I learnt so much from being there listening to Abraham in person and gained so much wisdom from the knowledge that was imparted there. I may even start a separate blog, just to write about all of Abe’s teachings!…

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