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The Power of Acknowledgement

I’ve been doing a fast track coaching program with Coach U.  It was an intensive course, but I loved it! It’s made me realize how much I love coaching people! Coaching allows me the chance to find out more about people I may not necessarily have known before. What I find the most fulfilling is…

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Trusting Your Intuition.

I have finally figured out after 47 years of living on this planet, how to trust my intuition!! I know, it has taken me a while…..but the light bulb has finally gone on. I have realised that no one else can live my life except  me. I have always been one to seek out the…

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Learning to Let Go

What an amazing month it has been. I have been away on holiday with my family in Australia, US and Japan. What a wonderful time we had! Sometimes when you are on holiday you don’t want to come back to your normal life. There is so much excitement and adventure when you are traveling and…

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