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YouTube Video – My First One!

[svp][/svp] This is my first You Tube video. It’s a Powerpoint slide about feel good words. Not being very tech savvy it’s taken me ages and searching google and you tube videos to find out how to put it all together. Thank you to for helping me with this! The music is ‘The Reason’…

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Anthony Robbins Asking Right Questions

I have just been listening to some Anthony Robbins talks. It was a really good topic about asking the right questions. He explains how our brains are like computers when it comes to answering our questions. If you ask the brain a negative question like ‘why does this always happen to me?’ It will seek…

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There is Beauty in Nature Every Moment

I was walking through the botanic gardens just after it rained. I came across this image and it stopped me in my tracks. The beauty in nature is always there for us to appreciate. What is even more magical is they are always there. We just have to stop and take a moment from our…

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