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Self Criticism – What Purpose Does It Serve?

Ok I want to talk about self criticism today. Everyone does it, but I woke up this morning asking why do we do this? Why is it our natural inclination to be self critical, rather than self praising? What purpose does self criticism serve? It certainly doesn’t make us feel good! My natural response is…

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Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year 2014. Congratulations! We’ve made it to 2014! Hip, Hip,Hooray! I had written an earlier version of this post and for some mysterious reason when I went to publish the post, it disappeared into the internet ether?! Maybe I wasn’t meant to publish it, or perhaps there were too many people writing New…

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Christmas = Family

As I got on the plane this trip to travel to Australia for Christmas, it dawned on me that Christmas Is all about spending time with your family and friends. I know that might seem like stating the obvious, but that truly is what Christmas or any celebration is about. It’s about connecting with all…

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