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Be Kind To Yourself Experiment – Day 1: Give Someone a Hug!

Ok this is the first day of my Be Kind to Myself day. I’ve written be Kind to Yourself in the Header as it would be great to get others to participate. So I have a list of all the things I’m going to do over the next 21 days (actually I’ve got more on…

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Be Kind to Yourself experiment

I had some divine inspiration today!! (at 2am in the morning! – not sure why thoughts of brilliance happen in the early hours of the morning – perhaps it’s when your brain is the quietest and the information comes through more easily?) I was wondering what to write my next blog post on and there…

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The Ego = Negative Thinking = Fear

I’ve just finished watching Oprah’s new Lifeclass with Eckhart Tolle. What a wonderful series she has put together and one that I believe the world really needs right now! It focussed on the Ego and how the Ego prevents us from being our true authentic self. I think our Egos are the negative thinking part…

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