About Dimitie

Hello!! Welcome!! I am so excited you are here!! Why? Because you are meant to be here. You have found this page and this website and me, because I am here to help you embrace the truly amazing and gifted Intuitive that you are!! I am here to help you share your gifts with the world, through Live Broadcasting.

‘What?!!!’ I hear you say? ‘That just sounds way to scary for me! I’m used to hiding my Intuitive Gifts, or being careful who I share them with, and to go out and share them through Live Broadcasting?! You have got to be kidding me?!!’

And this is where I come in and say ‘Yes! that’s right – I want to show you how to share your authentic Intuitive Gifts with the world LIVE!!

Why? Because it’s time for you to stop hiding your Authentic Intuitive Gifts. They are so needed in the World right now and broadcasting live is the way to reach the people that need you the most. There are people out there that are waiting for you to step fully into your Intuitive Powers and help them! Live broadcasting can help you do that!

So why would I be helping you to do this?

Because I have done it and I know the importance that Live Broadcasting can do to reach the people that you need to help and that are looking for your help.

Because I am an Intuitive just like You and was very scared to step into the light and share my gifts with the world. Trust me it is scary I know, but there was something in me, calling me to step up and show the World what I could do.

It all started on Periscope for me. I posed myself as a Happiness and Mindset Coach and then one day I thought to myself – why don’t I do an Angel Card Reading Live and see what happens? (something inside of me knew I had to do this and it was nerve wracking, believe me!). But what happened was Amazing!! I had many people start to follow and watch me and I knew this was the avenue that I needed to help those that needed it. The other amazing thing was that very first card reading I did, somehow opened the doors for other Intuitives to start sharing their own gifts with the World. Lightworkers realized that it was an OK space for them to step out of the spiritual closet, embrace their true selves and start helping people all over the world.

So I want to help You to do that too! I know the tools and techniques to help you become an Effective Live Broadcasting Intuitive and to do it in a way that is safe and supportive for you. Cause like anything knew, it can be daunting and telling people that you are Intuitive and what you can do, Live? that can be even more daunting. So I want to help make your transition into Live Broadcasting an easy one. It may be that you already have an Intuitive, Healing practice in real life, and you may have a social media presence too, but going live is the one thing that you are not sure how to go about doing. Or it may be your first time telling people that your Intuitive – and that is OK.

I can help you with that!

So if you haven’t already, please sign up for my regular news and updates on when I am holding my Live Broadcasting workshops. Lets get you started!! The World needs your special gifts and your help right now!

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Dimitie Kendall Bio

Dimitie is an Intuitive Live Broadcaster, helping Authentic Intuitives embrace their gifts, emerge from the Spiritual Closet and share their message with the World, Live!

Previous to Live Broadcasting Dimitie studied and used many of the metaphysical practices with her clients in her own Intuitive Healing business including: Reiki, Yoga, Angel Therapy work, Energy and Belief work and the Law of Attraction.

Dimitie has travelled extensively, having lived and worked in London, Melbourne, Singapore and now the Gold Coast. She is very comfortable working with people from different countries and backgrounds. Nothing brings her more joy than to help people embrace their true intuitive gifts so that they can help themselves and others to live full, abundant lives.

Her formal training includes: a Degree in Communications, a Diploma in Training and Development and a Certificate in Coaching.

Dimitie is married, with two children aged 16 and 13.