Love Yourself – It’s the Key to a Good Life!


Love Yourself – It’s the Key to a Good Life!

But it is not easy to do. We are bombarded with so many messages about not loving ourselves, that when we do begin to learn to love ourselves, it can be a bit overwhelming.

So what do I mean love yourself? It means the following:

Be kind to yourself

  1. If you make mistakes, don’t beat yourself up about them. Learn from them.
  2. Take care of your body.  Feed your body nourishing foods and exercise it everyday.
  3. Take care of your Mind. Learn how to meditate. Focus on your breathing each day –  it’s the start of mediation. Use positive affirmations/self talk. Tell yourself “I am loved”, “I am happy”, “I am abundant”, “I am healthy”, “I am worthy”, “I am kind”, “I love my life”, “I am whole”.

If you practice just these three things each day, you will start to see vast changes in your world. How do I know this? Well because what you focus on becomes your reality.

Once you start loving yourself, then it is easier to love others. This is the basis of all life. Start with yourself first and then you will do greater good in helping others. If you love yourself first, you show others how to love themselves too. You become a good example or role model by paving the way for others to follow.

So start today. Look in the mirror and say to yourself “I love you!”

It will be the start of great things to come xx.



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  • Jessie May

    Reply Reply December 21, 2015

    This is just wonderful and so true

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