Busy, Busy, Busy!

Ok I admit it, I haven’t written a blog post for AGES!

But I hope you will excuse this oversight.

You see I have been busy talking on a radio show each week – www.newsforthesoul.com, updating my website, writing an e-book and launching it, doing my first speaking gig at www.thechaosasia.com, as well as coaching my clients! Phew, no wonder I am looking forward to a break.

I love my radio show and have been quietly doing it for a few months now. I deliberately didn’t tell many people until I’d had a bit of practice talking on the show. The first session I was so nervous and I nearly lost my voice because I had a sore throat (the irony of it). I love talking on the show and helping people with the issues they are having. The host Nicole Whitney is a wonderful host, always knowing when to step in to help or add insightful comments to the discussion.

I’m really proud of my e-book too! It’s taken me years to write this simple e-book. It’s based on tools and techniques I have used throughout my life to help me maintain a positive outlook, even when times have been tough. It’s free, so if you want to download it you can do so here http://bit.ly/fghfbh

The other thing that I have enjoyed doing was my first speaking gig. I haven’t been up on stage since my corporate training and development days, so it was nerve-wracking to say the least! I had to get up on stage and pitch to the audience about what I did for a living. I was also competing against another person who was pitching about their work. Then the audience decided who had the better pitch. I lost to the man who was pitching about a new technology they have developed on bugs! LOL 🙂 (it was pretty revolutionary what he had developed so Kudos to him). Anyway, once I get a copy of  my presentation I will post on my website.

So that’s all the news for now. My next project is to get my online courses up and running – stay tuned.

Love Dimitie xx


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