Energetically Clear the Clutter in Your Life To Bring in More Financial Abundance

I have started the energetic process of clearing the clutter from my life!

I came across a wonderful lady, Cristi Earnshaw, who is called the ‘Abundance Whisperer’ . She has been helping me clear out all the items in my life that I no longer need or use. I have always struggled to clear the things I have accumulated over the years. I’ve always thought it was wasteful to get rid of them.

Cristi helped me dispel that thinking. She said that the physical things in our reality are a manifestation of our energetic self. So if we have a lot of clutter, then energetically we are stagnating. It also means that if we have lots of old things we don’t use, then it is hard to allow for anything new to come in. She says clutter is related to abundance, especially financial.

Cristi also helped me change my mindset about clearing clutter. I have always thought that if I get rid of it, I am being wasteful. She helped me to see that is not that case and in fact by donating my things I am actually passing good on to others. What’s been sitting in my cupboard stagnating, might be of use to someone who might really need or love it.

So here is the ‘proof in the pudding’. Once I cleaned out my wardrobe, the very next day a client gave me $450 more that I was expecting!!

Cristi has seen this happen with her other clients too. For example, one lady she helped, donated some items and after that she won a trip to Spain!

If you want to know more about Cristi and the brilliant work she does, click on the link below to hear this interview she gave.


Cristi’s website:


So I highly recommend you go ‘pass good onto others’ by clearing out your clutter! Release the old, welcome in the new! It really works!

Now… off to do my bathroom cabinets!


  • Jessie May

    Reply Reply August 30, 2014

    This is just amazing. Yesterday I was going to clear out some things I don’t use anymore but then I thought I might buy a trunk to store them in. I thought better of that. Tomorrow I will clear out things I no longer use. Salvation Army here I come.
    Then along came your message about clutter. What a wonderful message.
    Today I did what I said I would and have loaded four plastic bags into my car ready to take to the Salvation Army depot.
    Thank you for sharing about removing clutter. Jan

    • dimitiekendall

      Reply Reply August 30, 2014

      Woo Hoo! this is wonderful news to hear. Thanks for sharing Jan 😉 xx

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