Ever Suffered from Writer’s Block?

Ok after two years of writing this blog, I have hit writer’s block! I have been wracking my brains about what to write in this post and here it is……Nuddah! Blank, total white space……mmmmm…..I’ve heard about hitting this writer’s block, but never thought I would be in this place. My brain is constantly and I mean constantly in overdrive, thinking! So how could I possibly have writer’s block?

It’s comparison..itis! That’s what it is.

As I mentioned in my previous post I have been doing Marie Forleo’s B-School for the second time around and that has been fantastic! I have met some amazing and talented people, forging new ground with their businesses. They all seem to be doing very well and it’s made me wonder how am I not further along than I am? It’s the old comparison thing, which is not good. Comparison get’s you no where. It just makes you feel less than others. Yep I have been comparing myself to where others are at. Here’s how my brain is thinking on this one… ‘wow they seem to have fantastic polished websites, brilliant blogs, videos, witty copywriting, successful businesses, loads of customers – what am I doing wrong that I don’t have the same?!’

But I just listened to a discussion with two of the ladies in B-School, Abigail Eaton-Masters and Jenny Kovacs, who talk about this very thing and also about people copying other people’s ideas. It’s a great talk for anyone out there who is doing the same thing as me, comparing and how to stop! Here’s the link if you want to watch it:


Ok I’ve just realised something else with writer’s block – Just start writing! Then you won’t have writer’s block! Yay!!

So if this problem ever happens again, to quote Nike – Dimitie – ‘Just Do It!’

Have you ever had writer’s block or comparison..itis? How did you overcome this? Please join the discussion in the comments below. I know all writers go through this at some point in their lives so I would love to hear what you did to fix this.

If you know anyone else that might find this interesting please share. The more discussion we have about this the better!

Love Dimitie xx

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