Marie Forleo and B-School


I am back doing Marie Forleo’s B-School for the second time around. I have to say it is even better the second time! Marie’s course is incredibly thorough in terms of the information you learn about running an on-line business. But it’s much more than that. Marie has the ability to connect amazing, interesting, liked minded entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world. Last year when I joined there was a few thousand of us logging in each day to learn the material Marie was presenting. The number of people in itself was mind boggling, but this year it has grown to over 11,000 people! What is so great about the course is not only the way Marie presents the material, but the amount of support and encouragement you get from other B-Schoolers to do a great job. It’s such a positive experience and a lot of fun!

If anyone is looking for a way to grow their business on-line, then I HIGHLY recommend Marie’s B-School!

Check it out.

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