Happy New Year 2014!

IMG_2953Happy New Year 2014. Congratulations! We’ve made it to 2014! Hip, Hip,Hooray!

I had written an earlier version of this post and for some mysterious reason when I went to publish the post, it disappeared into the internet ether?! Maybe I wasn’t meant to publish it, or perhaps there were too many people writing New Year Messages at the time. Who knows?? But I think my New Years Resolution for 2014 needs to be ‘if you don’t succeed the first time, don’t despair – try, try again’. So that’s what I am doing.

I’m glad to see the back of 2013 and 2012. They were two tough years, full of lots of roller coaster moments, from sadness and grief at seeing a few people close to me pass away, to witnessing many people going through relationship issues, financial issues, broken bones, broken hearts, anxiety, depression, blame, guilt and worry. But before I get all doom and gloomy, there were shades of good things too from births, to happiness, joy and appreciation for everything that I encountered. Life certainly is a journey, as the picture above represents to me – a meandering path full of twists and turns. I guess that’s what makes it interesting and exciting.

So thank 2012, 2013 for all that you have learnt and welcome 2014 with a welcome sigh of relief. It will be a good year full of lots of Hope and Love. I think practising Self Love will be the key to better relationships and a better life going forward. So wherever your journey takes you this year, remember to be kind to yourself and others. May all your Dreams come true in 2014 and for many years to come.

Lots of Love and Light to You All.

Dimitie xx

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