Anthony Robbins Asking Right Questions

I have just been listening to some Anthony Robbins talks. It was a really good topic about asking the right questions. He explains how our brains are like computers when it comes to answering our questions. If you ask the brain a negative question like ‘why does this always happen to me?’ It will seek out information, like past examples of why that has happened to you. It is also making your brain focus on past events. When we focus on past events that have not been so pleasant for us it can make us feel unhappy.

A much better way to rephrase that question in a more positive way is to ask ‘how can I solve this problem?’ Not only will you get a better response but also probably a choice of ideas on how to solve the problem. It’s also focusing on a future solution and not a past event.

So I urge you to go experiment with this and see what you come up with. Please comment below with what you discover. I would love to know if this helped.

Dimitie xx

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