Negative Positive Thinking

I want to talk about negative positive thinking and how doing either of these can create our reality. There have been quite a lot of instances lately where I’ve noticed that what people are thinking is focused on the negative. For example “I can’t afford it, it’s too expensive, please can you lend me some money? etc. I often hear myself saying these things too! It’s a world wide pattern I think. As I was pondering about this situation a thought popped into my head (again! I know!). Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people all over the world knew that they could have anything they wanted, if they were shown how to change their thinking from the negative to the positive? 

From my understanding the Universe is abundant. You can have whatever you want as long as you focus on it in a positive way. For example: Negative: I can’t afford a car like that! Could change to Positive: I can afford a car like that! It’s just one simple change from ‘Can’t’ to ‘Can’.

I think one of the reasons people find this so difficult (myself included In certain situations) is that they truly believe they ‘can’t’. So the key is to question why you believe you ‘can’t afford that car. I do it all the time. If I hear myself saying something negative like, ‘I can’t do that’, I start to ask myself “Why can’t I do that? What is stopping me?”. Then I get a whole ton of excuses back. Then from all the excuses, I start to weed out what is realistic and what’s not. It’s amazing how many negative excuses your brain can think up!

The other thing that happens, is that most people don’t want to admit that they can’t do something, (it’s an ego thing again). Most of us believe it is a sign of weakness.

However, from what I have learnt and from my experience, it is only in the admission or awareness of the negative, that you can then go about changing it to the positive.

Love Dimitie xx

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