What is Love?

So you are probably wondering Who Am I to make such bold statements like I did in my previous post? Well you can read about me in the About page. I decided to start this blog to put down all my observations and thoughts about Life in general. I’m one of those people who love to have deep and meaningful conversations with people the minute I meet them. People are So interesting when you get beneath the surface of talking about the Weather! Also I have written lots of things on paper and I thought it might be a good idea to go digital. Everyone else seems to. The other reason? just to get it all out of MY HEAD! It’s amazing what goes on in there! My husband is constantly amazed with my thinking patterns. 😉 So now I’m going to hit you with another DEEP and MEANINGFUL question. (I like to ask questions about everything, in fact it drives my husband crazy the amount of questions I can ask – especially when we are watching a movie together). I thought I’d start with an easy one….

What is Love?

I’ve been putting off writing about this topic for years. Whenever I meditate (it’s helps to calm all those millions of thoughts) and ask for guidance as to what to write about it, I get the same message, ‘Write about Love’. Then all the negative thoughts come into my head. ‘Love? what do I know about Love? There are so many books out there about Love, why would I want to write about this topic? Then when my brain is calm (from meditating of course), a quiet gentle voice in my head tells me again ‘Write about Love. ‘But people will think I’m crazy if I write about that? How do I write about Love? The answer I get is ‘From the Heart’. Oh Great, I have to write about Love and now you want me to write it from the Heart? Is there any harder a task you could have given me? I ask the voice….

So here I am writing about Love. But how can anyone possible define Love? It’s intangible. It’s there in so many forms and then not really. Most people say it’s a feeling, a warm fuzzy thing that comes over them. Some say it’s a peacefulness inside them. Some say it’s a light, a white light that is so dazzling and calming. Some say it is a hug or a kiss from someone you love. Some say it’s looking at a beautiful sunset or listening to a song.

One thing I do know is that it does come from your heart, not your head. It’s an energy that is so calming that when you feel it, all the worries of the world just fall away.

So I’ve struggled with this topic until today. Now I finally have been given an answer. It’s taken me twenty odd years to figure it out, but I’ve had a lot of experiences along the way to guide me to this point.

I’m going to give you another question and but then give the answer. The reason for this is that everyone wants to know the meaning of life and if I tell you now (what I think it is) it’s probably going to help someone I hope.

Do you want to know the key to being this planet is?

The Answer: To be Loved and Appreciated!!

I think if we all had that, the world would be a different place.

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