Be Kind to Yourself Experiment – Day 13

Yesterday was another relaxing day (well it usually is on holidays). I was trying to think of the Be Kind to Myself moments and two came to mind.

The first one was going for a walk with my daughter up to the local shops. It is a lovely walk, only about 10 mins, but it’s near the water so it’s always a very energizing and refreshing experience. There is also a park on the way, so not only do we get to enjoy the water, but also the greenery. Also people are more friendly when you are walking in that sort of setting. I guess they feel as good as you for getting out in the fresh air, being near the water and enjoying everything that nature has to offer. It’s one of those times when you can feel joyful and connected to everything there is. If you are really aware you are also in the present moment. I often watch people as they pass by and if they are looking at you or at the scenery you know they are in the present moment. If they have that look on their face, like they are deep in thought, then you know they are trapped in the past or future events of their thinking. They are creating their existence up in their head, rather than taking in what is really around them. (I know because I am guilty of this myself!) Sometimes I will be walking along and realise I haven’t noticed anything around me and that I have been focussed on my thoughts (usually the negative ones). You can always tell when someone is thinking negative thoughts as they usually have a grumpy, angry or unhappy look on their face. Of course it’s vice versa for people who are thinking positive thoughts. They look happy and content.

The second Be Kind to Myself moment was in the afternoon, when my husband’s family came over for dinner. I always cook for them, but get nervous in the process. I have come to realise it’s not because they will judge me for not giving them what they want, but that I judge myself. I want to make sure that they have a lovely time and enjoy the food that I give them. So I put unnecessary pressure on myself to create the perfect meal! It’s a classic example of not being present and not enjoying the cooking or our family. I know everyone around me picks up my unease and that in turn makes them feel uneasy. So the way we think can have an unconscious impact on those around us, whether we realise it or not. My husband is very in tune when it comes to tension in a room. He usually cracks a joke, which immediately puts everyone at ease. Humour is a great way to bring the truth to light, I think. So in the end we all had a lovely time and the food and company was enjoyed by all!


Dimitie xx


  • Amy Karon

    Reply Reply October 27, 2011

    Hey, thanks for subscribing to my blog today! I’ll be curious to hear what the outcome of your experiment with being kind to yourself is. Did you do something kind for yourself in the process of making dinner that helped break the usual cycle of tension you describe?

    • dimitiekendall

      Reply Reply October 28, 2011

      Hi Amy, thanks for your comment.. No I didn’t do something to be kind to myself in that process of cooking dinner! That’s a very astute thing of you to pick up. I will have to use some positive affirmations next time I cook for everyone! 😉

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